Opening PowerApp using SharePoint Column Formatting

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hi April! Thanks so much! I shared this with someone who was looking for help but what I did not understand is how this acts if you select “New”. Will it open in the Canvas app form? I’m guessing since you said it goes to the browse gallery, they can hit the Plus key to add a new record — thus putting them fully within the Canvas app.

    BTW, great clarity and energy in your presentation!

    • April Dunnam says:

      Hi Cindy,

      So in this case if you select “New” in the SharePoint list it will still open the default SharePoint list form. With modern SharePoint there is no way to modify that new button to change it’s behavior. One potential work-around is to create a custom page in SharePoint which you surface up your SharePoint list in and hide the tool bar. Then create your own custom “New” button on that page which is set to open the PowerApp. You would just direct your users to this page instead of the SharePoint list itself. Another option would be to create a SharePoint customized form on that list and have that form re-direct to your stand alone app. You can do this by putting in a Launch() command in the OnView property of your SharePoint customized form. Hope this helps!

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