Using the New Set a Reminder Flow for SharePoint

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  1. Brad Staples says:

    Hi, I’m trying to use this in Australia but it doesnt seem to be functioning. Is it not available in all locations yet? Even when i try to create a manual flow, there are no templates that already exist with the above so i’m assuming it’s not widely available yet.

    • April Dunnam says:

      Hi Brad,
      It’s my understanding that this functionality should be available globally now. One thing to note, it won’t show up as a template in Flow. You can only configure it by going to the SharePoint list/library directly and selecting the Flow dropdown from there. Also, the option will only show if your SharePoint list in question has a Date field in it. Hope that helps.

      • Brad Staples says:

        Thanks for your reply April! 🙂 I am literally sitting in a cafe now playing with this again now.
        Yes, i do have a date and yes i’m trying to set it up from the list itself and not Flow…..still not working 🙁
        Maybe it’s Chrome. I’ll give it another go in a different browser.
        Thanks – i’ll let you know!

        • Linda Mitchell says:

          Thanks for this post. I am also having no luck getting it to launch. After clicking Flow – I see the ability to drag to set a reminder and choosing my date field – but nothing happens. Where you able to resolve this issue. I have also tried multiple browsers and lists.

  2. Hi, April –

    I have a list in which we track the expiration dates of 22 different certifications. Here is my problem: Each has 4 different reminders – 45, 30, 14, and 7 days from expiration.

    I had created my own flows from scratch, learned a lot, and ended up with an identical flow to your example here. What I am trying to do is have a single flow that checks all four dates for each certification so that I am not creating 88 different flows! So far, none of my ideas have been successful. Do you have any ideas?


  3. Dima Maker says:

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