Approval Flow with Weekly Reminder – Getting past 30 Day Limit

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  1. Thien Nguyen says:

    I am very new to Flow and I am trying to understand HTTP action in Flow. My situation is I have 3 approval levels. The entire approval process can take months. When an item is added, it goes to the first approver. If approver 1 approves, then goes to approver 2 and until approver 3 is approved. Each approver can take more than 30 days. What would be the best way you recommend?

    • April Dunnam says:

      For long running approval processes, the best work-around is the self-calling Flow method. In a nutshell, you can configure an Action’s Timeout property in your Flow then configure it’s Run After properties. So we know that Flow’s timeout after 30 days. So you can set the Timeout property to P29D (29 days) so it can perform an action before timing out. You can insert an HTTP Post action and configure it’s run after property to only run if the Flow times out. You can have that HTTP call another Flow which has an HTTP Response trigger that kicks off your approval process again. Micahel Sveson has a good post on how to do this:

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