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Are there any other Dark Mode fans out there? I for one, am on the Dark Mode band wagon. I have it enabled in Visual Studio, Chrome and as soon as Mac OS offered a dark mode I made the switch. My love for all things dark mode got me thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a dark mode for the Microsoft Flow editor?

Hello Chrome Extensions

I had recently stumbled across a blog talking about how you can create a Chrome extension in 20 minutes or less. It had never occurred to me how easy it was to create an extension for Chrome. If you are interested in learning about how to build an extension in Chrome check out this blog:

With some simple HTML, JavaScript and CSS knowledge you can create a pretty cool Chrome extension fairly quick. I’ve always been the kind of person who loves learning new things. And it just so happens I had a perfect use case to create a Dark Mode for Flow!

With Microsoft announcing a new Chromium based Edge browser, this solution should also work for that!

Dark Flow in Action

Check out this video to see “Dark Flow” in action. This was all done by inspecting the Flow editor page and creating a CSS file with some overrides.

The extension is a work in progress and is offered as-is. You can add the extension from the Chrome Web Store:

If you’re interested in seeing the source code to make any modifications, you can download it from my GitHub repo:

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  1. Nabeel Salie says:

    Thank you!!

    For those not in US, just update the manifest.json and change to

    Then manually load the extension into Chrome

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