Power Apps Timer Output Formatting

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  1. Sergio says:

    Hi April,
    it’s always interesting following your blog.
    Just one comment in case the timer runs more than hour, the correct formula would be: hours & ” hour(s) ” & (minutes-(hours*60)) & ” minute(s) ” & secondsRemaining & ” second(s)”.
    Another option would be to restructure it in this way: With({seconds:RoundUp(Timer1.Value/1000,1)},With({hours:RoundDown(seconds/3600,0),timeRemaining:Mod(seconds,3600)},With({minutes:RoundDown(timeRemaining/60,0),secondsRemaining:Mod(seconds,60)},hours&” hour(s) “&minutes&” minute(s) “&secondsRemaining&” second(s)”)))

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