Flow: Send Email to SharePoint Group Members

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3 Responses

  1. Jason Brownhill says:

    I think some people new to Flow might need to know the construct of the ‘For Each’ action to continue until the variable ‘i’ is equal to the count of results in the array/members of the group. Not sure how that looks without doing it myself, but nice article, thanks!

  2. Jason Brownhill says:

    Nice solution, but I took an easier way out and created a new Group, which then has an associated email address with it. Being short on time I didn’t have time to work on this one as well. A nice side feature is that I’m able to add that secondary group to the original site permissions. The only downside is the additional group/teams/planner/sharepoint site hanging around.

  3. Jason Brownhill says:

    Hi April,
    I’ve had to follow this solution due to a change in my Flow and the expressions above aren’t working for me. Are you able to validate these again please?

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