Cascading Dropdowns in PowerApps SharePoint Lookups

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  1. Grateful says:

    Great explanation where so many others fall short by not offering a complete series of steps!

    One question: When editing an existing item in the SharePoint list, my custom dropdowns default to an initial value instead of displaying the saved values for the item. How can I fix this?

  2. Beth says:

    I’ve followed your instructions to a tee. However on steps 7 and 8 when I change the Default property value, I get this error on both Project Name and Project Nbr dropdowns. “powerapps error “expected text or number. we expect text or number at this point it the formula. This error will occur if you use a function that requires either text or a number but you supply, for example, a boolean (true/false) value”. Any thoughts as to what I may have done wrong?

  3. Konstantin says:

    Hi April,
    your post is really helpful.
    I am still struggling to populate the SharePoint drop-downs with the added extra drop-downs.
    I had the problem Beth mentioned but could solve them with manually retyping the Default property. (the error vanished after IntelliSense recognized ‚Äú#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference‚ÄĚ and highlighted it in red)
    I also needed to add “.Value” after the Title:
    Distinct(Filter(Projects,Title.Value = PrjNumb.Selected.Value),Project_x0020_Name), otherwise i was getting a red underlined “=” with an “invalid argument type” error.

    Any help how to populate the SharePoint fields or how to further debug the solution will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and BR,

  4. Kalyan Polasi says:

    You nailed it. Thank you

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