SharePoint Designer 2013 Rest API Set URL/Hyperlink Field

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  1. April Dunnam says:

    Because for this requirement I had a workflow that was running doing multiple things. It runs, creates a SharePoint site, then assigns tasks in a task list on the newly created site. Hence the requirement to do this in SharePoint Designer via workflow.

  2. Nabeel Salie says:

    Hi April

    Any idea how you would set a people field with multiple users with SharePoint Designer through REST api?

  3. Unknown says:


    Great articles, I see in one of the comments you had a workflow create a site and then create tasks. I have a similar scenario with a project site, my workflow creates a subsite from the top level project center and I want to update a list in the newly created project site. What method did you use to add to the task list. I am using the REST api with post but I expectedly get the authorization error.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  4. TidBit says:

    The work-around for authorization issues between sites and subsites can be found in the following two articles: and DO NOT include the "/web" in the Permission Request XML field on the appinv.aspx page.

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