We rise by uplifting others!

About a year ago now I was talking with a group of fellow Power Platform enthusiasts (Keith Whatling, Anton Robbins, Vivek Bavishi, Samit Sani, Geetha Sivasailam) thinking of ways to share our passion and help others. We had a vision of having a community that people could get involved in to learn and help others with the Power Platform. We were all tossing out ideas for what to call this community when “PowerAddicts” popped into my mind. We are so passionate about the Power Platform that we are practically addicted. And we want to get others hooked too. The name stuck and went viral.

Here’s the definition of a PowerAddict:

(Noun) “An individual with an almost obsessive need and desire to bring positive change, solve problems and automate processes with the Power Platform”

Monthly Hangouts

We have a hangout every month where we have fellow PowerAddicts come on and showcase their work.

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