Disable Mobile View SharePoint 2013 Online

I recently ran into an issue with a client who was using iPad's heavily to access their SharePoint 2013 Online site. We had created some code on the page that was working great....in every browser expect mobile. We got an iPad emulator set up and discovered that when you login to the SharePoint Online site it defaults and re-directs to a Mobile View of the site. This mobile view did not have any of the code which we added and had limited functionality.

Luckily the solution for this ended up being really simple.  Here's how we disabled the mobile view for the SharePoint 2013 Online Site:

  1. Go to your Site Collection 
  2. Click Site Settings --> Site Features 
  3. Find the "Mobile Browser View" Feature and click "Deactivate"

 Deactivating this feature makes mobile browsers default to the Desktop View of your site.