SharePoint E-Mail Enabled Library Missing Required Properties Error


I had a client who had an e-mail enabled library set up in SharePoint 2010.  Whenever they tried to open up a file, such as Excel, from SharePoint and save it back to the server, they would get an error that said "The file cannot be saved because some properties are missing or invalid":


I turned to Google and read several posts that said to remove the Document Content Type and add a new Custom Content Type, unfortunately that didn't work for me.

The issue turned out to be that in the Excel file itself, there were some Document Properties in there which SharePoint did not know how to handle.

Here's the fix:

1.  Open the File in Excel and select the File Tab
2.  Select the "Check For Issues" Button:

3.  Click the "Inspect Document" button.  Be sure to check all of the checkboxes then click "Inspect"

4.  In the section that says "Document Properties and Personal Information" click the Remove All Box

5.  Click Ok and close.  You should now be able to save your document.