Change the Favicon SharePoint 2013 Online

Hello All --

We recently did a complete re-branding of our SharePoint Online Public Website.

Check it out here:

One of the things we had to figure out is how to change the Favicon. 

Problem:  How Do I Change the Favicon on a SharePoint Online Site?


Step 1:  Go to this site and upload your desired Favicon image file.  This will produce a favicon.ico version of your image that you can download.
Step 2:  Upload your Favicon.Ico file to your SharePoint site.  I chose to upload ours to the Master Page Gallery.
Step 3:  After you upload your Favicon.Ico image, make sure to Publish a Major Version
Step 4:  Open your HTML Master Page File in the editor of your choice
Step 5:  Search your HTML Master Page for the following tag:

In my case, this tag wasn't in my HTML file so I had to add it. (I added it below the placeholderadditionalpagehead).

Change the Icon URL to point to your new Favicon URL.

Step 6:  Save your HTML Master Page and Publish a Major Version

Your new Favicon should now be applied.  Note:  You may need to clear your browser cache to get the updated favicon. 


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