Add WebPart Cut Off SharePoint 2010 Custom Master Page

I recently ran into an issue with a SharePoint 2010 site with a custom master page and css.  When you would go to add a webpart to a page, it would work fine if it was a Wiki page, however, if it was a WebPart page, the Add button would be missing from the webpart adder as seen in the screenshot below:

Ribbon goes away and the Web Part Adder is cut off
To troubleshoot, I opened up the site in FireFox and used FireFox to look at the HTML and CSS getting spit out.  I compared the Wiki Page which was working correctly vs the Web Part Page that wasn't. I found that this whole area is controlled by the s4-ribbonrow class.  When comparing the two, these classes looked exactly the same.  On the Web Part Page below the s4-ribbon row CSS was a S4-ribbonrowhidetitle class which had a height set to 135px.  This class was not showing up in the wiki page.  Sure enough, as soon as I disabled that, everything appeared as normal.

If you open up your Master Page and look for the following line:

This is the guy causing us all this trouble.  Go to your CSS file and find the s4-ribbonrow style.  Add height:auto to this.  Re-publish your CSS file and viola, it is now displayed correctly!


  1. Thanks for this post! I was having a terrible time with a similar problem. In our case, I had to add the following to our custom CSS:

    .s4-ribbonrowhidetitle {
    height:inherit !important;

  2. Hope it helped guide you in the right direction. I struggled with this for awhile myself and got quite frustrating! I'm a developer, not a designer it was a pain to track this down!

  3. Thanks for the post. Not having the full toolbar hid somewhat important buttons like "save" and "add". :)

    Karen Esterl's solution is what worked for me.

    Thanks again.


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