SharePoint 2010 Content Organizer Feature

SharePoint 2010 Content Organize Feature

I have been having some fun with the Content Organizer Feature in 2010. This is the feature from hell! I don't think it is meant to be used outside of a Records Center site. WARNING: IF YOU ENABLE THIS FEATURE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DELETE THE DROP LIBRARY THAT IT CREATES ON ACTIVATION. I have only come across one way to delete this ilbrary and that is via powershell using this script:

$site = get-spweb http://site/web
$dropOffLibrary = $site.GetLists["Drop Off Library"]
$dropOffLibrary.AllowDeletion = "True"

Another thing this feature doesn't like is e-mail enabling the Drop Library. When you email enable the Drop Library and allow for annonymous users to email to it, it will create item level permissions on the documents specific to the user who uploaded.

Also, alerts are not consistent with the Drop Library. I attempted to set up an alert to be notifed when an item is added to the Drop Library on my email enabled library. When I manually uploaded a document, I didn't receieve an alert, however, if I emailed a document to a library, I did receive an alert.

In short, this feature is incredibly buggy and imo too much of a pain for what it's worth.