SharePoint 2010 Nuanses

So I've been playing around in my Dev environment getting ready for the big SharePoint 2010 migration. I thought I would share a few little nuanses I've noticed and how to fix them.

List Checkboxes
If you've looked at all in 2010, you may have noticed that when you create a list, you know have these handy checkboxes beside each list item. These checkboxes allow you to select multiple list items to delete or edit simultaneously. While they may seem like a really cool added feature, I discovered something not so cool about it...when you add a list view in a webpart, those little checkboxes still show up and it really hurts the look and feel when you're trying to customize. So, simple but helpful tip #1 is - How to get rid of the list checkboxes: Go into your list and select modify view. Scroll down and expand the section that says "Tabular View" and uncheck the checkbox which saw "Allow individual item checkboxes". Viola! Those pesky boxes are gone!

List Web Part Headers
Ok sticky with the subject of lists in webparts. Another thing I've noticed in 2010 is that there is no way in the UI to hide the list item headers in a webpart.

Content Editor Web Part
I don't know about everyone else but I know in 2007 I used content editor webparts a lot. It was the perfect tool to drop a piece of code in to use on the page and hide. While you can still use the content editor web part for that in 2010, they have changed it to where you have to link to a file with the code. Gone are the days where you can just plop your code in the text editor and save. Now I know, this isn't that big of a deal but it does make you have to go through a couple of extra steps