InfoPath Data Sources

I have been doing a lot of work with InfoPath forms lately. This particular form was an equipment request form. I had multiple data connections that receieved data from SharePoint lists. I was using the various data connections to populate drop-down lists that would display the item name. Based on the item name selected, I used filters that would then populate a part # and cost field. One of the requirements was that this be a browser-enabled form. I had everything set up and previewed and it seemed to be working fine. I went to publish my form to the SharePoint form library and I got an erro message saying that the form could not be browser enabled and to run the design checker for errors. So, I followed the instructions and ran the design checker, only to find that there were no errors! I spent hours googling the problem to no avail. Finally, I started examining my data connection. I noticed that the name of one of my data connections was "pc's". At the end of my rope and desperate to try anything, I decided to removed the apostrophe from the data connection name and re-publish the form. Sure enough, the error was gone! I was able to publish the browser-enabled form! I was shocked to see that nothing popped up on google about this.